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TATTOO GREEN SOAP - 433M-micky bee - MickyBee tattoo supplies

TATTOO GREEN SOAP - 433M-micky bee

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Tattoo green soap

Tincture of green soap is used by professionals all over the UK. Specifically made for cleaning the skin during and after a tattoo. It is a soft soap that is made from vegetable oils, sodium or potassium hydroxide and concentrated to retain glycerol. Green soap isn’t always green and does in fact come in a variety of colours. It is commonly known as a tattooists soap as it is medically safe to use on the skin and doesn’t tend to irritate the skin. The soap gets its name from its natural yellowy green hue and its biodegradable factors. Helps to soothe the skin after the tattoo has been completed and makes the skin feel less dry thanks to its oily content. Can also be used by peircers for prepping the skin and removing blood from the pierced area. Other uses of green soap include a pre sterilisation method for surgical instruments and an aid for stencil application. Great for upholding health and safety regulations in the workplace to prevent cross contamination and infections. Made to the highest of standards and in accordance with European tattoo and piercing regulations. A must have for any skilled artist in the tattoo or piercing industry.

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